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FreeDOS 1.2 has been released!

Good news everybody!

FreeDOS 1.2. has been released. Download and change log are at Stay updated on Twitter - Freedos goes like hot cakes ( A video tutorial for installing FreeDOS in Virtual Box with network support is at

DJGPP 2.05 released!

Thanks to Andris Pavenis, DJGPP 2.05 has been released 2015-Nov-03!

Release notes:!topic/comp.os.msdos.djgpp/O4kITfKkGYk (may not work on all browsers)…Changes-in-2_002e05 (not much)…Changes-in-2_002e04 (much) Slightly outdated history page

You don’t know DJGPP? You are able to cross-compile Linux programs in 32-bit protected mode DOS! Assuming a loaded driver for long file names under FAT32 formatted drives, programs compiled by DJGPP support them. See Main.DJGPP

Use ZIP picker at

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Club Dr-DOS (Wiki) needs contributers and coauthors. If you want to post news or be able to edit pages please contact flox

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MPXPLAY 1.61 beta 5 released 2016-Jul-25.

What’s new:

  • DOS: added new devices to Intel HDA soundcards, extended chip infos
  • fixed problem with playing sound from some old MPEG files with video
  • bugfixes

Discussion and download:

Note: for OPUS support you have to download the DOS4G version of MPXPLAY named “MPXP160G.ZIP” and DOS4G and the OPUS DLL package named “” .

Please test (HDA sound chips, FTP and HTTP, OGG Vorbis, OPUS, …).

Previous news (note that older news including MPXPLAY 1.58 and 1.59 are no longer available due to accidental deletion):

NCONVERT 6.88 2016-May-01

NCONVERT 6.88 was released 2016-May-01 (says Apr-29), for many systems including Win32 and DOS. NCONVERT can convert graphic file formats and perform various effects on images. WebP support is still available only in the Win32 version via a hacky plugin.

See GraphMediaTech.

SudoBIOS - a completely transparent 32 bit protected mode BIOS extender

A nice “little” project at


The TCP stack PicoTCP has been ported to DOS:


A new version - 2.11 - of the Links browser is available.

More Information: Main.Browsers#toc6


MPXPLAY 1.60 final released 2015-Feb-08. - Main.Mediaplayers#toc2

What’s new:

  • ???

Forum discussion:

Note: for OPUS support you have to download the DOS4G version of MPXPLAY named “MPXP160G.ZIP” and DOS4G and the OPUS DLL package named “” .

Kickstarter for FreeDOS 2.0 (32-bit)

Do you want to spend some money to develope a 32-Bit version of FreeDOS? The FreeDOS project tries to raise at least $2,500 by Thursday, January 29 2015 to be able to hire a developer.

Go to the Kickstarter’s homepage for more info:

Working towards FreeDOS 1.2

Help the FreeDOS project releasing version 1.2! Go to

QuickView 2.60 with MP4 support

Wolfgang Hesseler released QuickView 2.60! He has added MP4 seven years after the last version.

Download it and buy it from

UPDATE: version 2.61 is out 2016-Jun-29, changes are very minor (crashes in some situations on some CPU’s)


2014-Nov-03 Tomasz Grysztar released version 1.71.25 of FASM.

What’s new:

  • Fixed bug in DOS IDE (saving absurdly long lines)
  • Added “bsf” and “bsr” operators
  • Bugfixes, mostly related to parsing and MZ and PE generation
  • Re-added “-d” switch (scroll down) - Main.DevelAsm

UPDATE : 1.71.33 is out 2015-Jan-09 UPDATE : 1.71.39 is out 2015-Mar

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